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Starting the NEW year BIG!

Happy New Year Wildlings!

I hope you are all renewed, and taking this new year head on! A fresh start to the year always makes me feel inspired, which is a bonus... as January is notoriously quiet in the entertainment business! There are a long list of things on my list of resolution list to achieve this year... but one thing is for certain... this year the plan is to hit it BIGGER and BETTER!

I am super psyched and grateful, that exciting opportunities are already flowing in, from angles I had not even considered! Some with long term friends and collaborators, and others with brand new contacts! This year is going to be crammed with creativity... and I can't wait!

To start the New Year I had the wonderful opportunity to provide the Opening Performance for the Liverpool Acoustic Songwriting Challenge! Fronting lead vocals for the Super Talented and Atmospheric 'Operation Lightfoot.' Complete with all the trimmings... Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Guitar, Keys, Percussion and Backing Vox!

I LOVE working and collaborating with these guys... The performances are Epic.. But the rehearsals are just as fun!

SO a big thanks to them for having me!

Me and Luke Moore (Head of Operation Lightfoot and long term friend) Looking like a Goon here... Soz MATE ;p

Full house! Don't you just love it when that happens!

Game face ON..... Bring on the next one!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace, Love & Rock 'n' Roll



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