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Pick Second My Single!!!

SO... what a great result we have had from the first single, the feedback has been amazing, I'm really loving that you have all picked up on the nod to Country, Classic Rock and a bit of 90's Revival!

So many of you are following and liking my page on social media... and currently we are gaining approximately 100 new fans every week! Is that insane or what!? Thanks so much!!!

As a thank you... If you have headed over to my Facebook Page


You will see that there is the chance to pick my next single!!! So it is in your hands guys...

There will be a Single launch online , and in 'real life' (is that even a thing nowadays!?! HAHA) where you can come and see me play my single as well as some tracks of the upcoming album, meet me, get photo's and buy some cool stuff.... the details will be coming keep your eyes peeled... or better yet sign up to one of the various sign up boxes on my website to keep in the loop!

Keep Rocking!



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