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NEW SINGLE ARTWORK - and sneak peaks!

Well Wildlings.... Here it is! After a fair bit of deliberation, I decided on the final artwork for my next single... I have gone for slightly more conceptual imagery this time around, I feel it encapsulates the vibe! I hope you will agree!

The music video for 'That Girl Jolene' is well underway... and I'd like to think it is a step up from my first one.... but you guys will be the judge of that!

It's a little higher budget, but still has the homespun, quirky and tongue in cheek vibes!

For me it is an 80's meets 90's crossover, a retro revival.. with a playful provocative vibe... all down to the lyrics of course...

I really enjoyed making this video, complete with smoke, pvc, dancing and lights!

Here are a few sneaky stills... be sure to sign up to be the first in line for it's official online launch!!!

As ever....Peace, Love & Rock and Roll!



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