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My Debut Single 'Dirt Blonde Roots' is officially out across all platforms!

So excited to announce that my Debut Single 'Dirt Blonde Roots' in now out in the Public Domain! (I might have danced around the living room to my own tune when It hit itunes.... is that allowed? Orhave I blown my Rockstar cover!?) 

Best described a quirky and catchy Pop - Rock tune, with some Country undertones - definitely one for a GIRL POWER Playlist!
You can find it for download (pretty much everywhere!) it is available for streaming via Spotify and there's a quirky little 'DIY' video accompianment on YouTube too!  (Infact i'll stick it in this post!)

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Don't forget as well to follow me on your chosen platforms to keep up to date with the Album Progress! 


✌️ 😎

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