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self sabotage is my middle name

over thinking is my favourite game

when it comes to pleasure

I refrain

love is a pandora's box of pain


I've told you every flaw that I possess

that I can think of

that I don't like to undress

with the lights on

I've told you every-thin'

I'll never do

and now you're laughin'

cause you know it's not true...



I'm a complicated contradiction

you are my addiction

teach me everything, that I don't know

about myself

determined to make me feel alive

find what's suppressed

that I try to hide

I ache and crave for your touch

what is this wave I'm riding?

I'm shakin' and my body's writhing

as I bear my body I bear my soul

and I'm sure this isn't....

very rock and roll...

and now the lid has blown off

and you are in..

and I don't know who I am

or who I said I've been 

and I'm in a place I said I'd never go again

this was never gonna be just friends


and I've a patchwork heart

from the wrong lovers 

swore I'd never take another

here you are 

bursting through my seams

time to put the past behind me

promise me you'll always try to find me

even if I seem hard to reach

and what an affliction

to be such a complicated contradiction

you give me the hope I can be fixed

implicitly I seem to trust you 

Think it must be cause' I love you

and now I'm at the mercy 

of your hand...

all exposed and all revealing

kissing my lips takes a brand new meaning

tranced in the waves of ecstasy

the wistful look says I'm enamoured

I'm the naked platter you devoured

hold me so tight you put together

all my broken bits...

© 2019 Amber Wildling Stone

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