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beauty and disaster

tell me do you like your women crazy?

I don't mean just for a wild time

I could be the subject of your Dr's dissertation

who knows what you will find

all I want is a happy never-ending

I know that's not the normal story line

you say I'm a vision 

I'm a juxtaposition

to keep you occupied

what would the paper say

what would you write?


She is beauty she's disaster

she's the storm, everything after

like the weather, always changing

she is sunshine, then she's raining

and although I'm not waiting

I'm always anticipating

for the beauty and disaster

the storm 

and everything after

and everything after....

well I'm getting pretty good at self reflection

spent a thousand hours or more

reckon I can answer any of the questions

on my internal war

but after can me run into the sunset?

make love under a blue sky?

just want someone who understands me..

or is at least prepared to try

my ally...who says


you're beauty, you're disaster

you're the storm everything after

like the weather always changing

you are sunshine then you're raining

let me help you find the light

and we'll run off in to night

rid ourselves of daily pressure

let me show you an adventure...

say follow me, no need to question

we've a secret destination

show yourself, do not hide

behind sad blue clouded eyes


I'm just 

Beauty and disaster 

I'm the storm Everything after

like the weather always changing

I am sunshine then I'm raining

and it's never long awaiting

I'm always anticipating

all things beauty and disaster

the storm 

and everything after...

and everything after....

© 2020 Amber Wildling Stone

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